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Rejecting proof of my existence,
If I stand still there will be a traffic jam
As the the end of the broadcast began
I…tried to hold my breath.
Can you see it? If I erase my shadow
Even if I cast aside this opened flower completely too
I’ll hold back my withered singing voice and be revived.
A fabrication.

This lying heart falls
As you, laughing,
Told lies

Just like me and
Break over and over again, laughing again
If I can reach out to you, you crumble to pieces
You stare at something
That I want to be rewound so it snaps

As I stand before the railroad crossing, it rains
"I don’t have an umbrella"
Let me dream until my heart is dyed
Evening sleep paralysis
"I can’t move"
If I erase your shadow like this
Even if I can completely forget
I have the feeling it cannot
Come back.
An ideal?

These flowing tears brimmed over
While you, laughing,
Just like me and
Broke over and over again, laughing again
This weak drop of water flowing along my cheek
Is something overflowing from my full eyes
that I want to be rewound that traces fate.

If they surface, will I shake
As I scream over and over and disappear?
The words…I can’t remember
Will they end?

That you who lies breaks
Laughing, I
Tell the lies that you could tell and
Lamenting over and over again, I only break apart
Show me show me show me
Something projected
That is rewound to a distant memory

To you smiling

To me broken


Translation by youngliterati. Lyrics by niki.

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